About Sinotruk

  • Sinotruk is china’s largest truck manufacturing company based in Jinan, Shandong province. Sinotruk International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CNHTC. (CHINA NATIONAL HEAVY DUTY TRUCK COMPANY). CNHTC was founded in 1956, and is the cradle of China’s heavy-duty truck. CNHTC produces approximately 800 trucks per day which includes LCV, MCV, HCV, Special purpose chassis & Military trucks. SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2007.
  • INDIA’s FIRST 70 TON MINING TRUCK has been launched by Sinotruk named “HOWO MINE KING”. The reason we call it mine king is ever since its inception it has changed the history of mining industry across the world & it is designed for rough terrain & tough operating conditions. This truck meets the expectations of Indian mining contractors and satisfies the specific standard of Indian mining conditions & compatible for driver considering long working hours, Safety, Drivability. It is designed for ease of operation with strength and efficiency. HOWO MINE KING will provide maximum uptime, optimised profitability as they are fuel-efficient, technologically advanced and highly user-friendly. Safety is considered as the top most priority while manufacturing the HOWO MINE KING.
  • Sinotruk™ has a history of partnering with leading truck manufacturers from Europe such as Volvo, MAN. Sinotruk is currently having a joint venture with MAN (Germany). The result of this joint venture is:
    1. Sinotruk manufactures MAN engine in china,
    2. The driveline technology of Sinotruk trucks is as per MAN standards,
    3. Use of high quality components as per MAN standards,
    4. Factories with cutting edge technology and quality controls,
    5. Products with Euro3 Euro4 and Euro5 emissions standards.
  • In China, Sinotruk is having manufacturing facilities in more than 10 provinces which includes:
  • 4 heavy truck manufacturing Factories,
  • 3 light truck manufacturing Factories,
  • 6 special purpose vehicle manufacturing Factories,
  • 1 bus manufacturing Factories,
  • 2 engine manufacturing Factories,
  • 2 transmission manufacturing Factories,
  • 1 axle manufacturing Factories,
  • Sinotruk International has set up representative offices in 100 countries and 8 assembly plants around the world. It has managed to sell average of 30,000 units per year of heavy-duty trucks to more than 90 countries and regions annually, making SINOTRUK top the list of China’s heavy duty truck exporter for 13 years running. Sinotruk International exported 25,001 units in 2014, and 27,000 units in 2015 and 25,006 units in 2016 and 30,616 units in 2017 of heavy duty trucks (1,009 from South Asia and America Department, 11,176 from Southeast Asia and Oceania Department, 2,539 from Central Asia and Russia Department, 2,416 from West Asia and Europe Department, 13,074 from Africa Department, and 402 from Jinan Ganghao company) respectively. It has been awarded the AA-class Enterprise by the Customs P.R. China, AAA-class Credit Enterprise by China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery & Electronic Produces. Moreover, among the first service outsourcing companies, it has obtained the national qualification for contracting foreign engineering projects and provision of foreign aid materials.
  • Sinotruk has China’s exclusive national heavy-duty automotive engineering technology research centre and national heavy duty truck quality supervision and inspection centre, approved by Chinese government. The company is aiming to get the most advanced truck technology so that they become one of the heavy duty truck manufacturers in the near future

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